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A Pair of Belters ~ Mogwai's 1967 Fender Coronados - Retro Twinset

As Mogwai head out on a short European Tour they drafted us in to tech their guitars and gargantuan pedal boards to ensure everything goes more or less to plan.

After all when you're performing in venues like Teatro Panoramica Templi in Agrigento, Sicily you don't want the neck to fall off your guitar mid set! We regularly service Stuart's guitars and Dominics basses so there weren't many problems really.

These 2 old timers needed a bit of TLC to help their playability and tuning stability. As always we were more than happy to lend our skills.

Our Shop Refit and History

Read all about the fascinating history we uncovered when we took over the shop in 2018, Over a 3 month period we redesigned the interior and transformed it into Glasgow West End's leading Guitar and Music Store. 

You can peruse an archive which is  a "snapshot in time" photo gallery depicting when the shop was a leading Travel Agent in Glasgow's West End.

You can also see how we carried out work to restore the shop interior back to how it was circa 1910 , in the process discovering who worked in the shop at that time.

You can view many photographs of the extensive refit we carried out unpeeling the layers to reveal this history and in turn transforming the space into the fabulous guitar shop you see today!

Teenage Fanclub 335 Refret & Repair

Recently we had Raymond from Teenage Fanclub in the store, he brought in Norman’s vintage, original sunburst 1971 Gibson 335 which required quite a bit of work on the frets and bridge in particular.

In addition, I discovered a lateral crack in neck which I had to address before I carried out the refret!

Fixing Robbie McIntosh’s J40

Robbie McIntosh ( The Pretenders, Paul McCartney, Kevin McDermott, Talk Talk, Norah Jones, John Mayer) was in the workshop recently. He had a slight problem with the nut and the pickup system on his workhorse Gibson J40.

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