Bass Guitars

4 String

We keep a full range of 4 string basses from Fender, Rickenbacker, Warwick, Cort, Gretsch, Hofner and many more...

5 & 6 String

For bass players or frustrated lead guitarists requiring an extended range we offer 5 and 6 string bass guitars.


Calling all bass players...Should you? Could you? You know you want to!

Semi Acoustic Bass

You'll find basses from leading brands such as Hofner and Gretsch right here.

Acoustic Bass

Browse our range of Acoustic Bass Guitars. Ideal for on-the-move playing or practicing amplification free

Travel Bass

Travelling...what's that again? Meet fellow bass...make music! We can't wait!

Left Hand Bass

Left hooker, Cuddy Wifter, Southpaw, Mollydooker, Sinister...seemingly all terms for left handers. We call them...customers

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Jimmy Egypt
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