Electric Guitars

Strat / Superstrat

The Stratocaster or Strat shaped guitar is one of the most iconic in the world.


The Telecaster or Tele is the world's first commercial solid-body electric guitar.

LP / Doublecut

Single cut "Les Paul" shapes and associated double cut styles


Many varieties of Offset guitars with their striking asymmetrical body design.

Semi Acoustic

Warm tones, great sustain and playability. We have a great selection.

Jazz Guitars

A distinctive tone perfect for playing standards and straight-ahead jazz.

Other Electric Guitars

Other worldly?, Odd shaped? Something out of the ordinary? Just click here!

12 String Electrics

Sometimes 6 strings just aren't enough! Rich in harmonics and overtones

Lap Steels

Lap Steels or Hawaiian guitars usually played with a steel and held horizontally on the lap

Left Hand Electrics

Our left handed electrics include the Squier Affinity and the Fender Player Strat and Tele

Travel Electrics

Our line of travel electric guitars are sturdy enough for the road and small enough to stow in the overhead.

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