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Setup Better: Play Better!

Bring you guitar up to it’s full potential at Jimmy Egypt & Sons!


New Guitar Blues

Sometimes new guitars.. ..even so called “name” brand or “custom shop” instruments do not play that well. The fact is that guitars. both electric and acoustic and banjos, mandolins etc. are mass produced and come off the production lin e leaving the factory in a barely playable condition. They can then often sit on the shelf of a cold warehouse for many weeks or months before they are merrily placed straight onto the shop wall without a play check or second thought. A lot of our work comes from customers who have bought an instrument at the various “box shifters”, (you know who you are!), or Gumtree/ Ebay sellers, who sell on the internet . The customer unboxes his purchase and is generally initially disappointed as the action feels high, the guitar is difficult to play , it buzzes, it chokes out when bending the ageing rusty spotted strings. or worse!

Our Promise to You

With a setup at Jimmy Egypt & Sons we can sort these shortcomings and professionally and accurately carry out the major and minor adjustments required to have the guitar of your dreams playing as well as it possibly can. Whether you are at the start of your playing experience or you are one of the many seasoned pros who enjoy our services, a well setup instrument will help you play easily and accurately. You will enjoy playing the instrument. It will play better, stay in tune better and sound tighter and more “in tune” with you and with itself. We often see customers who have had their guitar for a few years and are putting up with a high action.. poor intonation or worse. Of course we are happy to use our skill and wide experience to take all the necessary care to make all the refinements and adjustments to ensure your guitar will perform at its’ optimum.You will be amazed at how much better your guitar will play after we set it up.

Usual Order of Work


  • Check for initial problems
  • Log settings and serial number
  • Adjustment of Truss Rod for proper neck relief
  • Set intonation compensation
  • set string arc (saddle height)
  • Adjust action as required
  • Set pickup height & balance
  • Redefine nut slots or shim and recut nut as required
  • Clean & treat fingerboard
  • Polish frets
  • Check all hardware for correct operation
  • Tighten machine heads and pot/socket nuts as appropriate
  • Oil metal moving parts
  • Lubricate pots and switches as appropriate
  • Tighten strap buttons
  • Replace missing screws
  • Thorough play check