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Pro Setup Work

Set Up Like a Pro

Using the recent addition to our armoury, the Dan Erlewine Neck Jig, we first measure, then precision level all frets before reprofiling or crowning them in a 10 stage process prior to polishing them to a high sheen.

Here’s How it Works

An american luthier by the name of Dan Erlewine developed the Neck Jig using the breakthrough idea of simulating string tension with the strings off. This results in the most accurate fret and fingerboard work ever: no guesswork, and no unpleasant surprises when the instrument is restrung. Just a great fret job and a very satisfied player!
Evolving through years of fretwork for demanding players, the Erlewine Neck Jig has become a valuable asset in busy pro repair shops around the world.
Sturdy aluminum beam construction adds extra rigidity. Enhanced stability and reduced flex make neck deflection measurements more precise than ever before. We can jig guitars, basses, banjos, mandolins and more, including asymmetrical or custom-shaped bodies.

The Big Difference

Working on your instrument in the playing position!
Rotate the angle vise, and the guitar is turned onto its side—the same position as when it’s played. In this way we can measure and adjust fretboard action, instead of laying the guitar on its back with gravity pulling the neck and strings downward.

With the strings on, the neck’s curvature is zeroed-in with dial calipers. When the strings come off, the Jig holds the neck in the same position as when it was strung up in the playing position. Now we can do your fretwork with total accuracy, because when we string the guitar back up the neck doesn’t change.

Levelling your frets and setting up your instrument is an extensive.. thorough process which leaves your guitar playing at its best! Naturally the guitar is then given a thorough Standard Setup. This will give your guitar the ultimate slick feel.

Fallaway Explained

Do you recognise this problem?- No matter how you try to setup your guitar it never sounds clean up the top…that’s right…the dusty bit of the fingerboard.. above the 12th fret. It buzzes or the note lacks sustain or worse chokes off! This is often down to lack of clearance or fallaway. I can introduce the extra clearance required to make your guitar play cleanly. You’ll be amazed! Often there is enough life in the height of the frets.. to enable me to carefully reduce them to the lowest point of wear.. then reprofile and polish the frets. This can eliminate the problem without complete replacement of the frets…though If wear is excessive or fret height is already too low.. replacement may be preferred or indeed the only solution!…For more information, also see our page on REFRETS