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Seymour Duncan APS1 Alnico II Strat Single Coil Staggered Pickup

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Seymour Duncan APS1 Alnico II Pro Staggered Strat Single coil Pickup

Working closely with professional musicians,?Seymour?developed this pickup for discriminating players. Alnico II megnets are the musical magnets. The softer magnetic field provides a warmer, smoother sound and eliminates the brittle and glassy sound associated with newer instruments. It allows a freeer, more natural string vibration resulting ?in greater sustain. The left-handed version has a reversed staggered magnet pattern for left-handed Stratocasters, or for right handed players who are after that classic Woodstock sound. This pickup is a direct replacement and requires no guitar modification. Wiring schematic and mounting screws included.     Single Conductor ?cloth Wiring 6.4k Resistance 9 KHz Resonant Peak Alnico II Bar
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Seymour Duncan
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