Stagg SPM-235 Sound-Isolating In-Ear Monitors

# SPM-235TR


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The Stagg SPM-235 sound-isolating in-ear-monitors, featured here in black, are an entry-level high-resolution earphone, engineered for on stage use for musicians. Designed to fit comfortably, with precision and durability, these dual-driver solid earphones will be an asset to any singer or instrument player giving a clear backline sound during their performance.

The Graphene vibration film, which is 100 times harder than steel and made from carbon atoms, ensures the diaphragm delivers better conductivity. This produces a stronger, tighter signal which reduces sound distortion, giving you a clearer sound for on stage use.

The specially engineered small high-energy magnet, is close to the magnetic flux of one tesla, which in layman’s terms, means it can offer increased driver energy with high resilience producing higher sound detail and increased dynamic performance, more than a conventional coil.

Sound Isolation

The sound-isolating feature means that you’ll only hear what you want to hear, and won’t get any overspill from unwanted noise. Offering three different sized memory foam buds, and two rubber buds, the Stagg SPM-235 Black in-ear-monitors will fit snuggly and effortlessly so that you’ll have the greatest of confidence during your performance. With a 1.2m quality cable and a protective EVA foam case, this is the full solution to your in-ear-monitor requirements.