CopperSound Deadalus Dual Reverb Pedal



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Daedalus is a lucious, plate-style reverb that was methodically designed and crafted. The expression jack allows the user to insert any pedal into the decay of the reverb using a TRS Y cable (not included). The Blend knob gives the user control over the amount of external effect being placed into the decay. The Pre Amp has the ability to add volume to whatever pedal is in the expression loop. Enough volume that the external pedal is almost as loud as the initial reverberated note. This can be very useful for swells and experimental players. The Pre Amp knob also adds volume to the decay and the length of the decay, making it a dual purpose knob. The Reverb II knob allows for two separate reverb levels of independent footswitches. Set one for shorter, traditional reverb sounds and the second for longer, drawn out reverb sounds. Both Reverb knobs work with the rest of the controls.

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