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Neotech Simple Sling

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The Simple Sling from Neotech offers a great compact alternative to a traditional ukulele/guitar strap. The cross-chest design gives added stability when standing or sitting as it can be adjusted horizontally on the body as well as vertically. This gives the musician much more control than the neck-version alternatives. It is ideally suited for instruments of various sizes in any playing position. From ukuleles and mandolins to classical and flamenco guitars, the Simple Sling can be adjusted to fit in the playing position that’s just right for you! The Simple Sling features a custom felt-lined hook with rounded edges to protect your instrument’s finish. It incorporates a smooth herringbone weave 3/4” nylon webbing which easily adjusts in the hardware and doesn’t cause abrasion to your shirt or jacket. This combination of features gives the strap a real custom fit and look in a streamlined design. As it’s a compact design, there is always room for it in your instrument case or even your pocket.

Size: 36”- 46” (91-117cm) Webbing: 3/4” (1.9cm) Materials: Nylon webbing
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