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MXR Fat Sugar Drive Pedal
MXR Fat Sugar Drive Pedal
MXR Fat Sugar Drive Pedal
MXR Fat Sugar Drive Pedal

MXR Fat Sugar Drive Pedal

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Product Description

The MXR Fat Sugar Drive brings the Sugar Drive’s diverse range of clear and transparent overdrive tones to MXR’s classic housing for players who prefer its footprint over that of the mini.

This pedal’s versatility comes from its unique Drive control—which replicates an amp’s transition from clean to dirty by blending your clean signal at the start of the sweep—and a little something called a voltage doubler, which increases overall headroom and opens up the sound of the pedal. Together, these elements allow you to serve up everything from a sauced-up boost to full-on blow-tube distortion.

The Fat Sugar Drive is set for true bypass by default, but for the tonal purists who want buffered bypass instead, just remove the bottom plate and flick the internal Buffer switch, close it up, and get to playing. This special edition comes with a custom pink sparkle finish.


Input Impedance 600 kΩ

Output Impedance 3 kΩ

Nominal Input Level +6 dBV

Maximum Output Level
True Bypass without Buffer selected
+26 dBV

Tone control (@ full CCW): -20 dB @ 3 kHz

Current Draw 18.5 mA @ 9 VDC

Power Requirements 9 VDC (ECB003 AC adapter)

Throughput Gain up to +50 dB @ 1kHz

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