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Music Cable Co Instrument Cable CoreM 3m Straight-to-Right, Platinum
Music Cable Co Instrument Cable CoreM 3m Straight-to-Right, Platinum
Music Cable Co Instrument Cable CoreM 3m Straight-to-Right, Platinum
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  • Professional Low Capacitance & Low Resistance Audio Cable
  • Reinforced Flex Weave for Durability & Protection
  • Neutrik NP2 Mono Jack, Nickel
  • Straight Mono Jack to Right Angled Mono Jack
  • Handmade in the UK
  • 5 Year Warranty
Product Description

The Music Cable Company designed and manufactured, in the UK, offer a range of attractive, high specification instrument and speaker cables for studio and live use that exhibit superior quality audio properties. The Music Cable Company’s desire was to supply a quality product capable of enduring the rigours of the road. Reliability and longevity were their watchwords. Cables built in the UK and built to last.

The Music Cable Co use only the best low capacitance/resistance premier cable and professional standard connector products. All cable joints are hand soldered and where required, heat shrink sleeving is applied for the purposes of strain relief and additional bond strength. All cables are continuity tested and subjected to audio test analysis and capacitance tested.

The Music Cable Co’s are made with a hard wearing flex weave in various attractive colours and patterns to both protect your cable and help you stand out from the crowd.

All cables come The Music Cable Co’s full Five Year Product Warranty and Aftercare Service.

CoreM Cables

CoreM while retaining a great full round bass tone will appeal to many electric and acoustic guitar players with crisp punchy trebles which cut through the mix, bass players will be particularly impressed with some great slap and funk cutting tones.

CoreM also comes into its own with acoustic instruments displaying a great definition of tone and clarity across a full audio range, trialled across a range of 6 and 12 string acoustics, mandolins and violins during our development work, this cable has exceeded our expectations.

For the CoreM range The Music Cable Co. have chosen a very high specification oxygen free copper (OFC) cable, comprising of a single 0.5mm2 conductor and copper braided screen (100% Shielding) and secondary insulator.

This cable has an exceptionally low capacitance and low conductor resistance and is encased in a thick outer jacket.

CoreM is offered with a full range of decorative protective weave and fitted with strain relief collars.

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