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LogJam ProLog Ultimate Stompbox Guitar Pedal
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Logjam's Prolog has become the standard to beat. Its incredibly low stomping angle,high output and integral board have made it the choice of professional players the world over. The heel board facilitates back-beats with your heel…dial in a little mid and use a hard shoe and you can get an effect akin to kick drum (pedal drum) and side-stick. Logjam's stompers aren’t digital sample players.They are truly responsive analog instruments.


Low profile for stomping comfort.
Strong bassy output.
Ergonomic and lightweight with integral footboard.
Made from solid Sapele.
Focused stomping position.
Guaranteed for 3 years
Dimensions: 300 X 125 X 42 mm
Height from board to stomping surface: only 2cms
Weight: 600 grams

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