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KNA BZ-1 Soundhole Mounted Passive Single-Coil Pickup for Bouzouki
KNA BZ-1 Soundhole Mounted Passive Single-Coil Pickup for Bouzouki
KNA BZ-1 Soundhole Mounted Passive Single-Coil Pickup for Bouzouki
KNA BZ-1 Soundhole Mounted Passive Single-Coil Pickup for Bouzouki
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  • Universal fit to almost any stepped-fingerboard bouzouki The magnetic part of the pickup was developed to install in practically any bouzouki having a "step"—a flat surface at the end of the fingerboard. The clever design doesn’t block the soundhole of the bouzouki and doesn’t interfere with its resonance.
  • Wooden housing The magnetic element is encased in laminated birch with an elegant and stylish black plastic cap. This lightweight assembly achieves maximum tonal sensitivity.
  • Passive design BZ-1 has a passive design that reproduces the instrument's natural sound with no need for a battery.
  • Neodymium magnets BZ-1 utilizes the power of neodymium magnets, providing fast, articulate attack and dynamic clarity.
  • Natural balanced sound BZ-1A offers a balanced output between strings, and captures and reproduces the natural, resonant tone of the bouzouki
  • Complete installation set The pickup features a single screw mount, a standard of many bouzouki pickups, and a pre-wired output jack.
Product Description

BZ-1 converts your instrument's natural, resonant tone to a high-fidelity signal ready for an amp or audio mixer. Neodymium magnets in a passive single-coil design bring a fast, articulate attack and dynamic clarity. BZ-1 offers a balanced output level between strings and installs without blocking the soundhole.

KNA Pickups are dedicated to providing acoustic musicians with natural-sounding, natural-looking means to amplify their instruments. KNA’s mission bridges the traditions of Old World artisans with the innovation of modern musicians they serve. Each KNA pickup is handcrafted in Europe using the fine components and tonewoods usually reserved for instruments themselves. 

In KNA’s full range of pickup solutions, they offer several designs to assure players get the best sound possible for their application. The piezo, magnetic, passive, and active pickups offer natural sound reproduction tailored specifically for the tonal and dynamic range of each instrument. KNA offer universal pickups that will work for nearly any instrument with a flat surface where the transducer can be placed, and popular models for nylon- and steel-string guitar, ukulele, banjo, bouzouki, violin, viola, cello and double bass. Each is crafted to offer the most authentic sound possible, with an easy installation that requires little or no modification to the instrument.  

Always encased in well-finished tonewood, KNA pickups distinguish themselves with superior fit, finish and sonic response.

Weight 3.8g. / 0.137oz
Wood Birch
Impedance 3kΩ
Specified part Letter Size in MM (from*) Size in MM (to*) Size in INCH (from*) Size in INCH (to*)
Pickup width with mounting plate a 38,0 38,1 1,496 1,500
Pickup width without mounting plate b 28,9 29,0 1,138 1,142
Pickup length  c 60,0 60,1 2,362 2,366
Mounting plate length d 32,3 32,4 1,272 1,276
Jack socket length e 7,0 7,1 0,276 0,280
Mounting plate thickness f 1,0 - 0,039 -
Pickup height g


15,1 0,591 0,594
Lead wire length h 340,0 - 13,386 -
*KNA handmade pickups may vary slightly in size due to the nature of the building
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