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About Our Fretwire

We use only the best quality USA manufactured fretwire, It is extremely hard, We do not use soft wire. We buy it in straight 2 foot  lengths and radius the wire to suit the fingerboard radius of your guitar. We carefully measure your existing wire and match the profile to suit your instrument but normally we discuss the options with you and select a fretwire profile based on your requirements. These days most players are looking for a chunkier wire where the profile “W” would be slightly wider than your existing wire or perhaps a higher wire (profile “h”) to help you dig in to the string a bit more. This might be a benefit to lead players or guys who play “blues” guitar. We tend not to use stainless steel fretwire as we believe it sounds unpleasant…sure it is harder and doesn’t wear as much as the 18% nickel silver wire we use…but it’s more difficult to work with and harder on our tools, resulting in more expense for you and, it sounds thin, harsh and tissy…Anyway here’s a chart which allows you to see the differences in fretwire in our range.

Fretwire Chart (Metric)

This is a chart showing the fretwire we hold in stock. All sizes on this chart are in mm
For sizes in thousandths of an inch(Imperial) see here …Imperial Fretwire