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Dunlop Trigger Fly Curved Capo, Satin Chrome

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  • Fits most steel strings, acoustic or electric.
  • Easy to use – Modern ergonomics and comfortable tension make changing keys quick and easy.
  • Full & clear – Proprietary rubber pad ensures that chords right out with clarity and fullness.
  • Loud sustain – Specially engineered alloy enhances volume, clarity and sustain.
  • Stay in tune – Excellent intonation up and down the neck thanks to a custom-engineered spring mechanism.
Product Description

The Trigger Fly Capo builds on Dunlop’s most popular capo design with better handling and tuning stability than ever. The grip is streamlined for a more comfortable, ergonomic feel, and a specially engineered custom spring mechanism applies balanced pressure for easy placement and precise intonation up and down the neck—even as high as the 7th fret of most acoustics. Thanks to an optimized fret pad, chords and single notes alike will ring out with smooth clarity.

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