Jimmy Egypt & Sons

The Stone Roses – We set up Mani’s basses for the Reunion Tour

In early 2013 we were asked to strip Mani’s 2 Epiphone “Jack Cassidy” basses so that they could be covered in an artwork by Glasgow artist and 2005 Turner prize nominee, Jim Lambie. Here you can see the basses before, during and after their transformation…like virtual butterflys emerging from a chrysallis if you like … oh…suit yourself!!! Anyway we put them back together, gave them a fret job and set them up.

Mr. Lambies trademark striking concentric coloured striped graphic is instantly recognisable and the silver mirror finish resplendent with an image of the legend who is Dave Hill of Slade (don’t ask me…ask Jim or Mani!) certainly can’t be found in your local guitar store but they looked great hanging round Mani’s neck on stages all over the world from during 2013…you certainly were able to see him from the back of the stadium!

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