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Jimmy Egypt Figure

Hofner Colorama Restoration

Jim’s parents bought him this Hofner Colorama in 1961….when he was just a wean!….It was brand new. Throughout the years he subjected it to much customisation by way of Dulux and Humbrol paints and as time went on ..as it inevitably does…the poor guitar was broken into bits and put in a box under Jim’s bed …sort of like a Time Capsule…remember them?….Anyway as he was feeling flush (he lives on the South Side) and nostalgia got an unfair grip on him… he brought it into us at the Guitar Repair Shop. Can you make it play again he enquired? Anyway, I avoided him for a couple of months as I just couldn’t face it!..It was a disaster! My conscience then got the better of me and Jim tugged on my heart strings by making up some cock and bull story about his sister paying for the work as a birthday present (50th or 60th?…I’m not sure) and I decided if I wanted to hang onto any shred of decency and credibility I had better fix the thing up!

…Unfortunately I’m not so quick off the mark sometimes when documenting things is concerned…sometimes we’re too busy in the workshop, or I just plain forget to take pics at the start..or at the finish…I don’t think it’s Alzheimer’s…well not quite yet…anyway here are the pics. When I have time I may explain the process in a bit more detail..until then…