Jimmy Egypt & Sons

Copper Foil Sheilding on a Noisy Gibson Reverse Firebird

The P90s in this guitar sounded GREAT…but the whole guitar was way noisier than it should have been …and when you jumped on that lead channel..HISS…BUZZZ….I had to do something about this…. And I have a great solution! I’m not a fan of conductive paint…Some manufacturers use it….and then they don’t use it logically , sometimes painting the bottom and sides of a cavity only and leaving the backplates unshielded! Now what’s the point in that? Conductive paint is not great in any case and if it’s applied patchily, as it often is…Forget it!. This copper shielding makes a metal container for all your electrics…once everything is shielded in this way, then grounded, electrical interference is closed out for good!… here I even lined the pickup covers in copper foil…The guitar is as quiet as it could possibly be!