Warwick Rock Bass Artist Line Bootsy Collins ‘Space Bass’



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This is Warwick’s Bootsy Collins signature ‘Space Bass’ – a bass fit for the Bootzilla himself.

Bootsy Collins – formerly the bassist for a certain James Brown – is recognised as one of the pioneering artists that shaped and defined the Funk genre. Being one of the members of Parliament-Funkadelic, and his own band ‘Bootsy’s Rubber Band, Bootsy Collins has been part of some of the most influential recordings of the 21st century. Because of his status, Warwick thought it best to create a bass designed with Bootsy’s own sense of fantastical, space-age styling, and thus, the Space Bass was born.


The first thing to mention would be the design, which has ‘star power’ written all over it, is sure to turn heads and amaze wherever it goes. Although it looks obtrusive with it’s many jagged edges, the body actually fits very naturally and comfortably whilst sitting or standing. The body wood is African Mahogany, which is also very light and resonant, meaning it won’t break your back when you wear it. The neck is made of three strips of maple with an Ekanga veneer between each.

Although the design is out of this world, the versatility of sound choices you can get from the bass is astounding.                        With active MEC J/TJ pickups so frequently used in Warwicks’s basses due to the quality of sound, the bass has the power to cut through any mix you can throw at it. It also has a 2-Band EQ stacked tone pot to help shape the sound of the pickups to your liking.

The bass comes with it’s own deluxe RockBag, made for it specifically.