Warwick Limited Edition 2020 GPS Thumb Bolt-on 4, Mahogany Burl


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For almost 40 years Warwick have been creating their own unique style of basses that deliver on every level due to their craftsmanship that’s been present since day one. The Thumb bass is one of Warwick’s own unique, recognisable designs with a very slick ergonomic body shape.

Crafted from select Ovangkol, this bass has a very understated look. Ovangkol is known for having low frequencies with a lot of higher and mid-ranges too, meaning the bass sounds thick but can also pop naturally. The bolt-on neck is also Ovangkol with a Wenge fretboard, giving a nice aesthetic change to rosewood.

Thumb basses come fitted with MEC-J bass style pickups that provide a wide variety of tones with the power to give the fullness of bass required. With the versatility of these electronics, it’s easy to see why Warwicks have been used on countless records and by many artists such as Robert Trujillo and Prince to bring across the clarity and punch associated with Warwick basses..

A Pro Series Warwick Teambuilt instrument is crafted in the same factory by Warwick’s highly qualified staff under the direct supervision of their top master-builders. Now a customer can get a German Warwick bass at an affordable price. Each is made with the combined love and experience of Warwick’s own team of qualified luthiers and accomplished master- builders, with standard only selections for finishing, color choices & hardware color options pricing made comfortable, while still delivering German built quality.

Comes with it’s own Starline gig bag.