Tanglewood Roadster II Series TWR2SFCE Electro-Acoustic Super Folk Cutaway



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The Roadster II series was inspired by nature and the raw beauty of classic timber to make a truly organic and understated natural statement. Tanglewood have produced tonally rich instruments that sound superb by matching finely graded Canadian Red Cedar tops with traditional Indonesian mahogany back and sides.

Tanglewood’s ‘Super Folk’ shape is ideal for the electric guitarist who needs some acoustic tones. The modern shape ensures it has the perfect balance between playing and comfort, and its large bottom end ensures you can keep pace when playing with others, making it ideal in a band situation. Shallower than a dreadnought and narrower in width, the Super Folk shape brings the body closer to the player.

The TWR2SFCE has an eboncore fingerboard and a black walnut bridge. The cedar top is finished and sealed in high grade, low density satin lacquer and gives a balanced and responsive tone. The guitar is fitted with a Tanglewood TW-EX4 preamp and pickup system allowing you to plug it into an amplifier.