Tanglewood Crossroads TWCRO Mahogany Orchestra, Whiskey Barrel Burst Satin



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The Crossroads series pays homage to the style and sound of classic instruments from 1930’s America.

Michael Sanden selected the timbers, making the tops a precise measurement so they flex and respond to the players attack. He then braced the instrument with his own patterns to give each guitar its own personality. He wanted to make a guitar that would have the sound that any musician, professional or amateur could appreciate. To make the guitar look authentic to the 1930’s era, Michael added a dark stain to the timbers that we call Whiskey Barrel to make the Crossroads look historic and simply elegant.

Tanglewood’s ‘Orchestra’ shape is almost the perfect halfway house between a dreadnought and a parlour. Shallower than a dreadnought and narrower in width, the Orchestra shape brings the body closer to the player. The classic hourglass figure sits comfortably on your knee and has the perfect balance between playing and comfort. It’s great for folk and other fingerpicking-heavy styles of music.