Sandberg California TT5 Custom 5-String Bass Birdseye Maple Top (Pre-Owned)



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For people who haven’t heard of Sandberg basses, you need only do a quick look at this one or any other model on their own website to recognise the quality and craft they’re renowned for.

This one in particular is special as it has a rarewood finish. The body is a birdseye maple top on a mahogany body – which compliment each other with tonality from each. The headstock is also matched birdseye maple cut from the same piece as the body.

Apart from aesthetically looking excellent, the 2 Delano pickups installed are a fantastic set, giving you the thump you require through to a responsive mid and then up to clear popping highs. The variation of tonality is covered by Sandberg’s own 2 Band EQ Active/Passive preamp system, giving you a choice between whether you want a standard passive response, or more of an active boost/pop response through a push/pull volume knob on the guitar.

It also feels fast and easy to play with a neck somewhere between a Fender Jazz and Precision, which most players will be accustomed to.

It also comes with a waterproof TGI Extreme gig bag, which is very well padded with a neck brace system inside the guitar to make sure of no accidental falls.