Pipeline Straps ‘Summer Retro’ Handmade Guitar Strap

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Exclusive to Jimmy Egypt’s, these eye-catching handmade guitar strap’s have travelled far from São Paulo, Brazil to take pride only in our shop in Glasgow, Scotland!

Made entirely by hand, each unique strap is stitched with the thickest thread possible and has a 100% cotton based non slip backing, which guarantees the best comfort. Straps have high quality riveted leather ends with rugged iron hardware for maximum durability.

All straps are adjustable in length utilising a high quality metal buckle. The maximum length of each strap is 59 inches (1.5meters) approx. and the width of straps are 2 inches (50mm) approx. As the straps are a completely handmade product, a margin of 3cm either way should be considered.

If you are interested in finding out more about Pipeline Straps, we have our own page HERE for you to read!