Mooer Pro Twin Reverie Reverb Pedal


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The Reverie Reverb is loaded with 5 dynamic reverberation effects, and in addition, each of these can be shaped even further with 5 modulation effects. The Reverb Effects consist of Reverb, Plate, Shimmer, Octave and Modulation, and the Enhancing tones include Wah, Low Pass, Flanger, Tremolo and Water. The Reverie Pro Reverb Twin features a wide array of controls with which you can shape your sound even further; these include Speed, Range, Depth, Tone/Parameter X, Decay, Mix, Tap Tempo, Bypass and Store, as well as a Reverb knob and a Modulation Knob. The Mooer Reverie Pro Reverb is equipped with incredible amounts of Reverb options, once you’ve found your favourite sound you can store and recall them easily, by using the 5 preset channels.

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