Mayson Elementary Series Marquis ECM10 Acoustic Guitar

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The Mayson ECM10 Elementary Series is a beautiful guitar which is ideal for both the living room artist and the performing player. The ECM10 has a cedar top and mahogany sides and back. The solid cedar top is the reason for the accessible and warm sound, the mahogany sides and back deliver a clear response to the base warm tone. The cedar top already is at its full potential and limits the break-in period to no more than a few hours.

The marquis shape is responsible for a direct and quick response, the new bracing pattern adds a lot of warmth and accessibility to that.

The satin finish is hand rubbed to a smooth, deep, satin sheen, giving the Elementary Series guitars an understated classy and natural look. The wooden bindings are adding to this look.
This guitar is constructed from Cites-free tonewood.

This guitar is made from non-endagered wood, no Cites certification is necessary.