Giovanni GVJB-1-N Vintage Bass Neck Pickup

# GVJB-1-N


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After Jazz bass guitar was introduced in 1960, Jazz bass sound became one of the most popular style in the world. This designed bass pickup is produced to get detail and acurate acousitc bass sound. GVJB-1 is reproduced to get 60s vintage jazz bass sound. It is designed with two pole pieces per string to get response like original Jazz bass spec. This Jazz bass pickup has articulate of sound with picking or fingering shape. GVJB-1 also has gorgeous mid-range with tight growling low range. Alnico 5 magnets and #42 Formvar wire, fiber bobbin and cloth wire are used to make 60s vintage Jazz bass sound. Each wire is carefully wound to get exact DC Resistance.

When you play the Jazz bass with GVJB-1 pickup set, you can feel the definition, clarity, and full bass sound. GVJB-1 neck pickup is reverse wound/reverse polarity (RW/RP) to eliminate hum interference. You can experience the accurate mixed pickup tone shape with bridge pickup. Each position pickup is calibrated to get delicate bass sound. GVJB-1 will give all bass players one big satisfaction of authentic vintage Jazz bass sound.