Fender 1969 Telecaster Custom, Double-Bound 3-Tone Sunburst



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This is an all original 1969 Fender Telecaster.

Straight from the same year as Abbey Road’s release this Telecaster is in amazing condition.

With all the original hardware, electrics, frets, screws – everything. The only thing that has changed is that the neck pickup was rewound by Aaron Armstrong of Armstrong pickups, due to it becoming open circuit over the years.

Made during the Fender/CBS ‘Transition’ period, there are a few details which make this guitar unique, the main one really being the lack of the logo on the headstock mentioning it’s a Custom instead of just a Telecaster.


The condition of the guitar is remarkable. There’s not a mark on the neck, the body has on or two dings, but nothing worth mentioning. The scratchplate is perfect, the frets have some life in them and still do a great job, the hardware has no corrosion, the binding has slightly yellowed with age but that’s to be expected.

The guitar also plays and sounds great as it is right now after we performed a minor setup on it as it didn’t need much.

In 1969 it was part of the Australian market, so the guitar comes with an Emerald Green interior hard case, unlike the more common Red Plush interior square case. The case has some wear and tear, but still functions well and looks great (see pictures).

All in all it’s a great guitar, and a fantastic piece of history.