Duesenberg Starplayer TV Phonic, Black

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The Starplayer Phonic is a semi-hollow instrument featuring a solid centerblock, Pearloid binding, a single F-Hole, arched top and a flat back. Semi-hollow guitars deliver a unique and open response suitable for any genre.

The Phonic comes with the award-winning set of a GrandVintage humbucker for the bridge and Domino P90 for the neck position, covered by their elegant Phonico pickup covers in a striking gold finish. The 4-Way rotary switch offers a new pickup combination. The new pickup selector allows you to choose between each pickup individually or two options of combining them. The first option lets both pickups run freely without touching the frequencies, while the second option filters certain frequencies to give your tone a unique and even more defined character.

A Plek processed fretboard guarantees perfectly level frets. This is the basis for Duesenberg’s multi-step fret polishing and setup work that eventually makes all their instruments play like nothing you have ever played before. Every single Duesenberg instrument is expertly pleked for buzz-free playability all throughout the fretboard. It is then carefully finished by hand and precisely set up by one of our professional luthiers. The luthier responsible also leaves his or her signature inside the instrument. The fretboard is to your music, what the handle of a brush is to a painting. It says a lot about an instrument how much care was taken here.

Features the Duesenberg radiator tremola which is the evolution of their own vibrato system design – keeping everything that you love about their original Diamond Deluxe Vibrato and delivering it in a new and exciting design. Buttery smooth action, reliable tuning stability and string changes that are a breeze are just the main aspects of Duesenberg’s unique vibrato design. Heavy duty needle and nylon bearings give you the highly responsive Duesenberg feel when using the vibrato arm. The arm itself can be turned freely for 360° and can be adjusted to your preferred angle and length. The strings are simply guided through the holes in the bar underneath the arm-axis and can be lead to the tuners without hassle.

The Phonic delivers all the open, bright and defined tone that our instruments are known for. It is designed to sit right where a guitar has to sit in the mix while still providing every frequency needed to cut through. This all is our promise to you that a Duesenberg instrument will always feel great in your hands.

This instrument comes including the Duesenberg Custom Line Case as standard.