Breedlove Organic Series Signature Concert Copper Cutaway Electro-Acoustic Guitar


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Breedlove Signature Concert Copper CE – offered at a remarkable price, this instrument puts the magic of superior all-solid-wood sound into the hands of guitarists of any level. It’s no surprise then that professionals are already choosing the Signature Concert Copper CE for stage and studio work. It’s that good. Attractive, easy to play, easy to maintain, it’s the perfect choice for now and forever. Go Organic and help save the earth one guitar at a time.

Guitars in the Organic Series are made from sustainably-sourced exotic and native tonewoods. No clear-cut trees are used in these instruments. Breedlove uses salvaged and individually harvested timber and has deep relationships with responsible suppliers around the globe.

As Breedlove move towards sustainability across all lines, owner Tom Bedell has visited 15 countries to discover exactly where the wood comes from, how it is selected and harvested, and how this affects the wildlife, the community, the forest and the planet. No Richlite or resin impregnated softwoods, no glue-heavy plywoods: just solid real tonewoods for real tone.

With a solid torrefied Spruce top, the guitar has a strong fundamental vintage and well-defined tone, paired well with the earthy, warmth you receive from the mahogany back and sides.