Baton Rouge V2-BS Sun Series Lined Fretless Ukulele Bass


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Baton Rouge make ukuleles that are reasonably priced, but exceed the expectations for instruments at their price level. Consistently, their models sound better than the many other competitors in their price bracket.

The V2-BS Sun is fairly plain, but it is smartly done, with a matt finish and a laminate mahogany body that has a nice visible grain, together with some nice touches like the laser cut effect around the soundhole and headstock logo.

It is fitted with Aquila Thundergut strings which are fairly standard for this type of Bass ukulele. It has substantial open geared tuners and a walnut fingerboard and bridge, part of an overall package that is sensibly priced and a good notch above the average. The built-in pickup has tone and volume controls as well as a built-in tuner.