Fender Mustang Original 1976, Sunburst (Pre-Owned)



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The 1976 Fender Mustang is a great example of a 70’s Fender and a real head turner. A guitar that will look just as good on the stage as it will sitting on the stand.

This model has a good weight for a 70’s fender of the era, not too light and not too heavy ash body. With a birdseye maple neck it’s an absolute eye catcher. A nicely aged aftermarket mother of toilet seat pickguard doesn’t look incongruous and gives the guitar a look different from most mustangs of the era.

The guitar is super versatile with it’s snappy singlecoil pickups and classic switching.

There’s a couple of dings and dents in the body but still in great shape for a 45 year old guitar.

This is a perfect guitar for the person who wants a fun, well made guitar from the era. A must have guitar for any alternative rock fan looking for something special.