This Guild guitar came into our workshop with an extremely high and unplayable action. The top had an impressive bulge and an attempt had been made previously to lower the instrument’s action by taking the height of the bridge saddle down. This didn’t work…as usual we need to fix the problem at source..step in JLD’s amazing Bridge Doctor. Here you can see the steps undertaken to fit the device and the before and after results. I’ve fitted dozens of these systems over the years. It’s a simple but extremely effective system that works! Amazingly enough, the claims made on the manufacturer’s site…”Makes Your Guitar Louder”, “Fixes Warped Tops”, “Makes Your Guitar Richer”..seem to be true. Clients often come back to me and tell me that the sound of their instrument has improved since I fitted the JLD system and carried out the repair. If you have a guitar with a similar predicament…give me a call. I can help!

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