Kiwaya Ukuleles

Celebrating their 100th anniversary this year (2019), Kiwaya continue to deliver a long standing tradition of crafting high quality, authentic ukuleles filled with history directly from Japan.

Kiwaya Ukuleles are made exclusively in Japan and are created to be as light as possible without sacrificing tone and projection. Each instrument is crafted with close attention paid to important elements and details such as intonation, action, playability and overall aesthetics.

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History of Kiwaya

The Kiwaya name stretches all the way back to 1919, starting with a store in Asakusa, Japan which specialised in gramophone sales and repair at the time.

Japanese Ukuleles had reached the height of their original popularity in the 1950’s and after originally switching their attention earlier in thew decade to selling records and musical instruments, by 1955 the brand began to specialise in manufacturing and selling top of the range ukuleles, even with the rise of the guitar coming at that time.

Despite the decline in popularity of the instrument in the 60’s and beyond, the brand continued to endure and with the humble ukulele experiencing a second boom period recently, Kiwaya lives on and is going from strength to strength in their impressive 100th year.

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The Instruments

Kiwaya offer a range of different ukuleles from size with variations of Soprano, Tenor and Concert, to style with Cutaway and Ukuleles with pickups to the wood that it’s made from including Mahogany, also using laminated wood in the construction/manufacturing process as found in their Eco Series instruments, surpassing the quality of many inexpensively made solid wood ukuleles paired with their excellent craftsmanship.

You can check out the range of Kiwaya instruments that we currently have on offer below.