About Our Approach to Repairs

At Guitar Repair Shop, our sole mission is to provide only the highest quality setup and customisation solutions for your instrument. We tend to treat each job as if we were working on our own guitar and ask the question to ourselves “Now what would I want to do to this instrument if it were mine?” We then check every aspect often beyond what you have requested at no additional cost. WE don’t miss the details that perhaps other people would. We know how annoying that loose switch tip, missing scratchplate screw can be or how much damage that loose strap button could end up causing! All electrical problems including scratchy pots and poor string earths are checked and fixed. We know what needs fixing. We LOVE guitars!…and with almost 40 years experience in making, repairing and upgrading them, we can ensure you a flawless playing experience while consistently providing the ultimate in customer care and support. Please contact us at 0141 339 2941 for a free and personal consultation on how we can help you get the most from your instrument.