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70 Years ago Fender revolutionised the electric guitar and in the process became an icon itself.

As influential as the artists that play them, they have shaped the guitar world as we know it.

A testament to Leo Fender’s original designs, little has changed throughout the years, the Strat, Tele, Precision & offset body shapes are instantly recognisable and synonymous with the electric guitar.

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The Telecaster

The guitar that started it all.

Fender’s first mass market guitar had a few iterations before it was the Tele as we know it. As simple as it was 70 years ago, this guitar has changed little throughout it’s legacy. 


The Stratocaster

Limitless Possibilities

Think electric guitar and theres a good chance you’ll picture a strat. Hendrix, Clapton, Malmsteen, Gallagher, Vaughn, Marvin and countless others have utilised the versatility and tonal range the Strat, players of all genres have found their sound with this iconic instrument.

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The Precision Bass

Industry Standard

Originally designed as a portable solution to a double bass, and as a counterpart to the telecaster, the P-Bass quickly became the benchmark for electric basses. Not just impressive by design, the Precision changed music as we know it allowing the bass section to be heard and played in a different way and eventually, help pave the way for rock and roll.


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The Jazzmaster

Surfs Up

Intended to be an up-market option from a strat and designed with Jazz musicians in mind, the Jazzmaster found it’s popularity with the 60s surf scene and instantly became