DR Fat-Beams 40-100 Stainless Steel Round Core Bass Strings

DR Fat-Beams 40-100 Stainless Steel Round Core Bass Strings

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  • Gauges 40,60,80,100
  • Round Core Wire on a Ball End with a Stainless Steel Wrap Wire
  • The stainless steel wrap wire produces a balanced brightness that cuts through the band
  • The round core increases flexibility for a smooth feel and solid tone
  • The slower process produces more pronounced mids, bright highsand deep lows



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DR FAT-BEAMS bass strings are hand-made with the finest American stainless steel available, wound on round cores for increased flexibility and tone. Fat-Beams are compression wound to produce fat mids, bright highs, and that distinct edgy Fat-Beam sound.

FAT-BEAMS Bass Strings blend the finest American stainless-steel wrap wire on a round core, but are made with a slower and high compression winding process to produce more pronounced mids, bright highs and a super-fat bottom. They produce an overall fuller sound with a solid punch when it’s needed.

Made in USA – With only American materials

DR Strings are proudly made in Westwood, New Jersey. DR use only the finest American made materials, starting with the core and wrap wire, to the ball ends, to the final packaging. When someone sees the DR logo, that is what they are getting, the best of everything.

Model:  DRS0078
Part Number:  DRS0078
Brand:  DR Strings

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