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CopperSound Pedals ~ Handmade in Easton, Massachusetts, USA

Jimmy Egypt & Sons are proud to be able to offer these amazing hand wired boutique pedals.

CopperSound Pedals started in the dead of winter 2014. It was originally intended to be a learning experience and to have a few cool pedals built along the way. With friends and work colleagues requesting custom builds at a rather fast rate, the workbench began to fill up surprisingly fast. Before a pedal was even finished, another order had already come in. The order overload was slightly overwhelming but ultimately encouraging. With every pedal made by hand, there is a fun balance between challenge and satisfaction.

The CopperSound Crew

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Our CopperSound Products

Check out the awesome videos below to see some of the Coppersound pedals in action, all of the pedals below are available in our store at the moment, drop in now to try them out!

Come down to the shop to try out all our available CopperSound pedals on our very own custom CopperSound Pedal Board!

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