Carl Martin PlexiRanger

Carl Martin PlexiRanger

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When we look back to the glory days of rock guitar (mid 60's to mid 70's), some of the most popular amplifier set-ups were British Marshalls and Vox's.....often with multi-speaker cabinets.  Players like Tony Lommi, Ritchie Blackmore, Brian May etc, carved their signature sounds on stage and in the studio with these rigs, and in order to deal with the over-powering bottom end, they made use of 'The Treble Booster'.  Treble Boosters add top end or higher frequencies to the guitar tone, and depending on how the amp is set up, some much desired overdrive.  As much as companies like Dallas (Rangemaster) and Hornby Skewes (Treble Booster) were solving a bottom-end problem, they had also created a new sound palette!  Carl decided it was time to re-introduce this sound with the PlexiRanger!  And leave it to Carl to add a gain channel along with the boost channel for a one-of -a-kind fx pedal!

Model:  CM-0026
Part Number:  CM-0026
Brand:  Carl Martin
Stock Availability  In Stock
Type  FX

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